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Sree Dathathreya Prabhu born to the blessed sage couples of Atri and Anasuya as Adiguru, Pranava Swaroopa and as main base for the principle of the Pranava thathva, to spread amongst the society Karma yoga, Bhakthi Yoga, Hata Yoga and Gnana Yogaand several other ways of sadhana for the upliftment of the Society and Humanlife .

Among those yogas , the paramount is Gnana Yoga and it’s  Pranava peeta Parampara .The Pranava Peetam is well founded and developed by Datta Guru and spreaded all over thw world with several branches in different names.The following is one of it’s Guru Parampara lineage in which the Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Ramananda  Swamy was 16th Sadguru and at present Sri Maathe Mukthambike Devi is 18th Sadguru.

The Gnana yoga of Pranava Peeta Parampara shall be an irrecovable for the benefit of all persons belonging to whatever community irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion, Age groups, Gender , Varna, Ashrama  and to get involved in the spiritual sadhanas foe enlightment  with equality amongst.

The Sadguru of Pranava Peetam will light up the spiritual and divine ways in the hearts of all human beings by visiting their disciples’ homes , by regular travelling and while resting at the Ashram during the leisure times just like the daily activities if the Adi Guru Datta.

The SixteenthSadguru of Pranava peetam Sri  Sri Sri Ramananda  Swamy , during his lifetime, for the expansion, Upliftment and for the use of devotes and disciples built an Ashrama as per the grades of eternal lineage of Pranava Peeta Guru Parampara  in the outskirts of Hosakote Town near Bangalore called  Srimad Dathathreya Ashrama Prarthana  Mandira with the grace of Adiguru Dathathreya Prabhu and Sri Avimuktheshwara Swamy , the lord of the Hosakote Town city. By his Spiritual energy and hard work Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Ramananda Swamy made the Hosakote Town as Avimuktha Datta Kshetram and thereby established Srimad Adiguru Dathathreya Paramparanugatha Nirguna Maha Samsthanam and thus reformed the divine chair of the eternal Guru Parampara , PRANAVA PEETAM.

After  the Maha Samadhi of Sadguru  Sri Sri Sri Ramananda Swamy on 24. 06.1998 the 17th  Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Madhavananda Swamy has been seving the eternal Guru peetamas Chairperson and he took Maha Nirvana on 29.08.2005. As per the priorly planned and ordered heir rights by Sadguru Sri Sri Sri Ramananda Swamy , 30.08.2005 onwards, Sri Sri Sri maathe Mukthambike Devi ( Sri Sri Lakshmi Brahmananda Ammani  alias  Maacharla Srimathi Lakshmi Narasamma R ) took up the charge as Chairperson( Peetadhyaksharu ) and has been serving the  Pranava Peetam , irrespective of any benefits. She is conducting religious, charitable and spiritual activities regularly and continiuously working hard for the all round development of the Ashrama, it’s Disciples Society and the Trust by her divine power.


Guru Parampara

  1. Adi Guru Dathathtreya Prabhu
  2. Sri Yogi Janardhana Swamy
  3. Sri Konera Guru Swamy
  4. Sri Eko Guruvara Swamy
  5. Sri Narahari Mahesha Swamy
  6. Sri Nagorama Swamy
  7. Sri Mahadeva Guru Swamy
  8. Sri Parashurama Prabhu
  9. Sri Dhenukonda Thimma Yogi
  10. Sri Chinthala Lingananda Swamy
  11. Sri Sahajananda Swamy
  12. Sri Mahalingaranga Swamy
  13. Sri Shankarananda Swamy
  14. Sri Govindraya Swamy
  15. Sri kRishnananda Swamy
  16. Sri Ramananda Swamy
  17. Sri Madhavananda Swamy
  18. Sri Maathe Mukthambike Devi

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Guru Parampara


Trust Members

Trust Members

Sri Sri Sri Maathe Mukthambike Devi

Founder President / Peetadhyaksharu

Sri Keshava Murthy P MTaylor

Administrator and Founder General Secretary

Smt. Sharadmma M

Deputy Secretary

Smt Annapoorna R

Deputy Director

Smt. Bhargavi S

Deputy Director